Ravel Car Alarms Can Help Halt Car Theft

Every vehicle owner has in the back of their minds the idea that someone may someday attempt to steal their vehicle and look to Ravel car alarms to hopefully prevent that from happening. Many options exist to prevent a vehicle from being stolen and since no system is full proof, Ravel car alarms can also help you with a vehicle tracking system to make recovery of the stolen vehicle more likely.

Basic noise-makers, such as a simple door switched that will activate the car’s horn and cause the headlights to flash are fairly inexpensive and easy for the car owner to install without professional help. Even some of the more elaborate Ravel car alarms systems can be done as a self-install project, but the more sophisticated the sensors being installed, the more expertise that will be needed.

Many cars equipped with Ravel car alarms also have cameras hidden inside the vehicle to provide a video record of the vehicle theft and will also provide excellent evidence in court for prosecution. Motion sensors can not only detect movement inside the vehicle, but can also be calibrated to monitor the perimeter of the vehicle and activate the alarm while a potential car thief is just walking near the car.

Tracking Progress Of A Car Thief

Additional options available with Ravel car alarms include two-way communications with your vehicle. While many are limited to about 2,000 feet, some can make contact through your cell phone, providing unlimited range capabilities. For instance, you are in a store shopping and someone enters your vehicle. The alarm will send a text message to your cell phone informing you if the car is broken into, or if it has been entered, started and driven away.

At this time, you have the option of telling Ravel car alarms to shut off the fuel supply, stopping the vehicle, as well as contacting the police and immediately report the car as stolen. Most police officials advise that it would be unsafe to approach a car theft in progress as a car thief, when confronted, may become desperately violent.

Additional sensor options would include mercury tilt switches, which activate the alarm if your vehicle is lifted onto a tow truck, or by a jack for removal of the tires and wheels as well as bump switches, which can be activated if your vehicle is struck by another car or attempted to be towed.