Lojack Car Alarms Aid Stolen Vehicle Recovery

There is one vehicle alarm company with a system integrated into the police computer systems and Lojack car alarms have helped recover over 100,000 stolen vehicles. It is the unique combination of a vehicle alarm system that is activated when a stolen vehicle report is entered into a police computer and the signal detection system in police cars and aerial units that help in the stolen vehicle recovery.

With Lojack car alarms, the vehicle has up to 20 small radio frequencies transmitters installed in the vehicle. Each vehicle’s transmitters are programmed with a code specific to the vehicle’s vehicle identification number and when the VIN number is entered into the police computer as stolen, the radio frequency transmitters are automatically activated and emit an inaudible signal, picked up by Lojack car alarms receivers in police cruisers.

Working similarly to a GPS system, the police units can pinpoint the location of the stolen vehicle and affect a rapid recovery. The Lojack car alarms’ receivers in the police vehicles are constantly listening for a signal and once activated, they signal the police that a stolen car has been located and give them the location.

Save Money On Insurance Costs

Depending on where you live, vehicles equipped with functioning Lojack car alarms may be eligible for discounts on vehicle insurance. Many states offer a 25 percent savings while some states, such as Texas, may offer savings up to 30 percent off your vehicle insurance premium.

Lojack car alarms supplies the computers used in tracking stolen vehicles to the police departments, local and state, where other companies track the vehicles and then supply the location to the police. With Lojack car alarms, your vehicle theft recovery system is tied right into the law enforcement agencies.

One of the main advantages of Lojack car alarms is that the signal does not require a direct line of sight signal to be picked up, nor does it have any external antenna, which may be visible, and removed, by a car thief. Many companies rely on satellite GPS for vehicle location, which will not be available if the car is parked in an underground garage on under concrete and steel barrier.

Lojack car alarms worked through concrete and steel walls, ceilings and other barriers and give direct notification to the police departments. The signal telling the police computers where the car is located also does not require and antenna. Vehicle owners will not know where the transmitters are located so the odds of a thief finding them all and disabling them are extremely slim.

A Marksman Car Alarm Incorporates Great Security Devices

A Marksman car alarm will protect the owner and vehicle from the thieves that have become so adept at stealing cars. A Marksman car alarm uses the latest technology to foil the thieves who have found ways to steal cars with different security systems. A Marksman car alarm includes a transmitter embedded in a key ring apparatus which is coordinated with the apparatus in the door locking mechanisms in the car. A Marksman car alarm has the capability for locking and unlocking the doors of a vehicle. Most Marksman car alarms can also unlock the trunk of the car.

The Marksman car alarm usually has a panic button that can alert other people when a car is being stolen. Some of the Marksman car alarms have mechanisms to sound the alarm in the case of carjacking. The thieves have taken cars and driven off, but other thieves try to steal a car or its contents while the proper owner is still in the car. A Marksman car alarm is easy to use and contains a device for checking that the system is active and ready to protect the vehicle.

A Marksman Car Alarm Protects against Serious Loss

A Marksman car alarm is a dependable device that will protect a vehicle from thieves. People buy insurance, park their cars carefully and lock their cars when they leave. These measures have not protected people from crafty car thieves with the will to steal their cars. The thieves have found ways around the precautions taken by ordinary citizens. Once a car is stolen the hassles and expenses begin. People end up with extraordinary expenses when their car is stolen. Many find out that they have to leave their work to find a stolen car.

Some stolen cars disappear without a trace while others end up taken apart so the thieves can sell the parts for profit. The payments from the insurance companies often end up less than necessary to buy a similar car because of the rules and regulations. A Marksman car alarm will protect the car and its owner long before a thief even thinks about stealing it. These car alarms are available from many of the normal outlets and also on the internet. The Marksman Company has become successful because of the fine products that this company produces. These systems offer great protection that each customer can rely on far into the future.

Looking at Galaxy Car Alarms

You’ve always know that when you purchase your car you don’t want anyone to be messing with it. Cars are expensive, and they are something that are often stolen simply because we use them everywhere. We take them wherever we go and we leave them places, and sometimes thieves get to them without our even knowing. If you are looking to protect your car, you are probably looking at all kinds of different things. Like most choices, Galaxy Car Alarms can protect one of your most important possessions from being stolen, no matter where you have the car.

What Can It Do

You are in luck because Galaxy Car Alarms can protect your car from almost all kinds of intrusion. There are several different kinds of Galaxy Car Alarms that you can purchase, all with their unique ideas and unique sounds and notifications. No matter what kind of Galaxy Car Alarm you pick you will find that you are going to feel more safe and secure knowing that your car is a bit better protected than it had been in the past, with a Galaxy Car Alarm.

How It Works

Basically, like other devices, Galaxy Car Alarms work in a very simple way. They are installed in your car and your car is wired to the device. When anything touches your car that is not the key, you are going to see that the Galaxy Car Alarm will go off and alert everyone that something is going on. There are loud noises, and some of them are equipped to notify you that something is going on, or to notify the cops.

Do They Work?

Yes, most of the time Galaxy Car Alarms work as a great theft deterrent because if someone tries to steal your car and the alarm goes off, they’d rather get out of there before they are caught. Because of the loudness of the alarm and how fast it goes off, the thief doesn’t know if they are going to have enough time to steal the car before someone arrives, so usually they leave. Often, if a light is blinking that shows that the Galaxy Car Alarm is on, the thief will never try to get the car because he or she knows that the car is protected by one of the Galaxy Car Alarms and that they don’t’ have a very good chance of actually managing to steal it without getting caught.

Locate Stolen Vehicle With GPS Car Alarms

While it may be difficult to prevent your vehicle from being stolen by a professional car thief, locating may be possible with the use of GPS car alarms. All the noise in the world may not deter a determined car thief and even engine cut-off systems will not stop a car from being towed away, but recovering the stolen vehicle by using GPS car alarms may help reduce your auto insurance premium.

There are numerous car alarm services that offer tracking of stolen vehicles, but GPS car alarms are proving to provide better odds of finding stolen vehicles as they will work nation wide as opposed to those, which only track locally or regionally. For instance, you live in Chicago and your vehicle is stolen and driven to Canada, if you have a regionally operated tracking service, your vehicle may never be located.

Regardless of the tracking system your car alarm may be equipped with, notification can make the difference in recovery possibilities. Many GPS car alarms offering monitoring only after the vehicle has been reported stolen while others offer continuous monitoring so you know where your vehicle is at all times. This can be important if your vehicle is stolen while you are on vacation. A week after the vehicle is taken is probably going to be too late.

Added Available Services Can Increase Costs

With many car alarm and tracking services, additional options are available such as remote starting your vehicle or unlocking doors in the event you lose your keys or lock them inside. You should keep in mind, however that GPS car alarms will require an unobstructed line-of-sight from the satellite to your vehicle antenna in order to function properly. Concrete and steel in buildings as well as heavily wooded areas can block the signal and disable the tracking capabilities.

Many GPS car alarms also offer services such as onboard navigation systems, although at additional costs, as well as roadside assistance and phone-based help if you vehicle is destroyed. The alarm itself is important to research as a system that can notify the monitoring company when the alarm is activated can give a head start to vehicle recovery.

Many of these systems can also indicate which part of the vehicle has been tampered with as well as sending a signal to shut off the engine, totally stopping a thief from driving off with your car. However, even with the best GPS car alarms on the market, it is better to stop the car from being stolen than to have to track it down.