Locate Stolen Vehicle With GPS Car Alarms

While it may be difficult to prevent your vehicle from being stolen by a professional car thief, locating may be possible with the use of GPS car alarms. All the noise in the world may not deter a determined car thief and even engine cut-off systems will not stop a car from being towed away, but recovering the stolen vehicle by using GPS car alarms may help reduce your auto insurance premium.

There are numerous car alarm services that offer tracking of stolen vehicles, but GPS car alarms are proving to provide better odds of finding stolen vehicles as they will work nation wide as opposed to those, which only track locally or regionally. For instance, you live in Chicago and your vehicle is stolen and driven to Canada, if you have a regionally operated tracking service, your vehicle may never be located.

Regardless of the tracking system your car alarm may be equipped with, notification can make the difference in recovery possibilities. Many GPS car alarms offering monitoring only after the vehicle has been reported stolen while others offer continuous monitoring so you know where your vehicle is at all times. This can be important if your vehicle is stolen while you are on vacation. A week after the vehicle is taken is probably going to be too late.

Added Available Services Can Increase Costs

With many car alarm and tracking services, additional options are available such as remote starting your vehicle or unlocking doors in the event you lose your keys or lock them inside. You should keep in mind, however that GPS car alarms will require an unobstructed line-of-sight from the satellite to your vehicle antenna in order to function properly. Concrete and steel in buildings as well as heavily wooded areas can block the signal and disable the tracking capabilities.

Many GPS car alarms also offer services such as onboard navigation systems, although at additional costs, as well as roadside assistance and phone-based help if you vehicle is destroyed. The alarm itself is important to research as a system that can notify the monitoring company when the alarm is activated can give a head start to vehicle recovery.

Many of these systems can also indicate which part of the vehicle has been tampered with as well as sending a signal to shut off the engine, totally stopping a thief from driving off with your car. However, even with the best GPS car alarms on the market, it is better to stop the car from being stolen than to have to track it down.